Sulfuric Cautery / Cannibalism / Endotoxaemia / Lectularius – split cassette

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4-way grind split cassette



A1 Cannibalism Swarm Intelligence
A2 Cannibalism Yoked
A3 Cannibalism Ritualistic Gorging
A4 Cannibalism Psychometric Modulation
A5 Cannibalism Waning Morale
A6 Sulfuric Cautery Agents Of Cerebral Hypoxia
A7 Sulfuric Cautery N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine Induced Amnesia
A8 Sulfuric Cautery Anthropophagist’s Discount Body Disposal
A9 Sulfuric Cautery Narcotic Philanthropist
A10 Sulfuric Cautery Three Days Of Torture
A11 Sulfuric Cautery Crawling Through Trenches Of Rancid Carcasses
B1 Endotoxaemia Kill And Eat
B2 Endotoxaemia Rapid IQ Failure
B3 Endotoxaemia Shingles Bells
B4 Endotoxaemia Confluent Crepitant Metastasis
B5 Endotoxaemia Sordid Condition (G.O.D. cover)
B6 Lectularius Ecdysis (Of The Entire Exoskeleton)
B7 Lectularius Chronic Pherous Of The Infected Hemoglobin


Cannibalism: Recorded in The Pit of Eels, December 2016 and February 2018
Sulfuric Cautery: Recorded, mixed and mastered by Shady Jim, March 2017
Endotoxaemia: Recorded Drums July 2017, Guitar and Vocals February 2018
Lectularius: Recorded and Produced by Gregory Cruse

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