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Lots of bands have tried this, TONS of bands have tried this, but usually come only close. Oi, Gutter Punk, Street Punk, American Oi, and just ol fashioned ROCK AND GOD DAMN ROLL. Boston’s The Revilers, find just the right mix. I mean flat up, come up to the bar and nail the dismount. I like alot of bands who’ve tried this in recent years, but I didnt love them. I think I love this. From the first track No Bullshit Reactor, all the way through. It just stomps. Im hard pressed to say who exactly this sounds like, because they do such a great job of mixing their influences. Actually long lost NYC band, The Resisturz, is probably the closest equivelant I can think of, but if your not from NYC, you probably dont know who the hell that is. Maybe a more Oi/Rock N Roll Bonecrusher.

Im just going to say this, if you like this style of music, pony up the god damned money or your going to regret the ever living hell out of it for the rest of your damned lives. You can tell I really like something, if I play it on my online show Media Blitz Radio more then once. This may just have to go in to heavy damned rotation. Well done boys.

– Sparkplug Mag

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