Raw Power – You Are The Victim / God’s Course (Demo 1982) LP

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F.O.A.D. Records, black vinyl, gatefold cover, ltd 400, RAW POWER‘s first legendary 12″ “You are the victim” (1983) back on vinyl after many years in a top quality edition, enriched by an incredible extra feature: the completely unknown and unreleased “God’s course” Demo 1982 that we recently found in TVOR’s archives, recorded even before Mauro Codeluppi joined the band, and seeing his brother Giuseppe and Silvio trading vocal duties delivering embryonic versions of their early anthems. “You are the victim” has been transfered from the original reels and remastered for the best sounding result ever, still mantaining the raw and energetic impact these Italian HC masters are well known for. Highly influential Hardcore at its top, fast blistering drums, inhuman 6 string execution and rabid vocals plus the screaming mad assault of “Fuck authority”, “Raw power” and “Don’t let me see it” that gave a vital input to tons of speed/HC maniacs that came in the years to follow. The first Italian HC band that toured the USA and brought Italian Hardcore on the international maps. Deluxe gatefold sleeve filled with early day photos, flyers and rare inserts.

SIDE A – You Are The Victim (1983)
1 Politicians
2 Police Police
3 Corrosive Water
4 Raw Power
5 Burning Factory
6 Hate
7 State Oppression
8 Don’t Let Me See It
9 You Are The Victim
10 Repression
11 No Card
12 Death Seller
13 Power
14 Nihilist
SIDE B – God’s Course (1982)
01 Power
02 For Me
03 I Hate The System
04 Chicken Song
05 X
06 No Future
07 Raw Power
08 Fuck Authority
09 Police Police
10 Destroy
11 Bastard
12 You Shock Me
13 Fabbrica
14 Destroy Of Society

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