Possessed – The Eyes of Horror LP (splatter vinyl)


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High Roller Records, 2nd pressing, white/ black splatter vinyl, ltd 250, high gloss 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard lyric insert, poster, specially mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel/ Temple of Disharmony in January 2015!
A1 Confessions 2:55
A2 My Belief 3:32
A3 The Eyes Of Horror 3:15
B1 Swing Of The Axe 4:00
B2 Storm In My Mind 4:21


After their 1986 release “Beyond the Gates” was ripped to pieces by either media and fans, Possessed did not move away from their original sound, but still did something different with the “Eyes Of Horror” EP in 1987.

To avoid another sound mess, Possessed made a surprising producer choice: they tapped guitar hero Joe Satriani, who was Larry Lalonde’s guitar teacher at that time. And lo and behold, it worked. Yet more technical (with Larry Lalonde’s guitar lessons paying off big time), “Eyes of Horror” had all the crunch that “Beyond the Gates” lacked. To contrast the new material, Possessed re-recorded an old demo song. “We thought that it would be cool to do a high production remake of “Swing Of The Axe” with Joe and also it would bring some of the old school to the album,” Jeff Becerra remembers in an Interview with German cult fanzine Voices From The Darkside. “It really offsets the other music as it is such a ludicrously simple and primitive song. It was fun to just go in and make some fucking noise and a great break from the technical parts of the other three songs.”

Soon after the release of “Eyes of Horror”, Possessed disbanded. “There is no clear answer to why Possessed split up,” Jeff Becerra later told Germany’s Rock Hard Magazine. “To cut a long story short: Larry Lalonde left us to play in Blind Illusion and as time went by the rest of us went our ways.” When he was in Blind Illusion, Larry Lalonde met Les Claypool, with whom he then formed the multi-platinum selling band Primus. Soon after the split-up, fate struck Jeff Becerra pretty badly as he was shot twice in an armed robbery and is bound to a wheelchair ever since. That did not stop him from reforming Possessed in 2007 and playing live regularly since then. A new Possessed album is in the works, with Jeff Becerra as the only original member.

The re-release of “Eyes of Horror” is now available on High Roller Records.

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