Outlaw Order – Legalize Crime EP (purple vinyl)

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”Legalize Crime” is the debut EP by Outlaw Order (OO%) – a sideproject of Sludge metal band Eyehategod!! Originally released on Southern Lord, the out of print Legalize Crime EP from Eyehategod alter-ego Outlaw Order is back in print, this time issued through the powerviolence label Deep Six on limited purple vinyl and including the bonus live track that appears on the CD version. Essentially Eyehategod minus Jimmy Bower, Outlaw Order is sort of like the hardcore alter-ego of EHG; the band spewed a 7″ EP called Legalize Crime back in 2003, four tracks of sludgy, filthy feedback-infested Sabbathian boogiecrust, released on Southern Lord during an Eyehategod hiatus and which quickly went out of print. This new disc collects those 7″ tracks and remasters ’em, and adds an unreleased live track titled “Worst Liar I Ever Met”, recorded live at The Howling Wolf in New Orleans, Louisiana from 2003. The disc art is total Southern Nihilism Front, all negatory punk collage and William S. Burroughs quotes. It basically sounds just like Eyehategod, maybe a little more uptempo and thrashier, but with all of the bad vibes, filthy downtuned blues riffs, and gnarly feedback that you’d expect from these dudes. Fucking killer NOLA sludge destruction from the GODS.

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