Morbid – Disgusting Semla LP


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A collection of rare tracks from this mid-’80s Swedish death metal/black metal band, this includes 4 tracks from their “December Moon” demo (“My Dark Subconscious,” “Wings of Funeral,” “From the Dark,” and “Disgusting Semla”), plus a rehearsal take of “My Dark Subconscious,” as well as 8 more songs from an Oct. 1987 Stockholm concert: “Crucifix Masturbation,” “My Dark Subconscious,” “Death Execution,” “Wings of Funeral,” “City Thrasher,” “Necrodead,” “Tragic Dream,” and “Disgusting Semla.” The full color cover art features vocalist Dead (who is, yes, dead) in full corpse-paint. Euro import.


1 My Dark Subconscious
2 Wings Of Funeral
3 From The Dark
4 Disgusting Semla
5 My Dark Subconscious (rehearsal)
6 Crucifix Masturbation
7 My Dark Subconscious
8 Deathexecution
9 Wings Of Funeral
10 Citythrasher
11 Necrodead
12 Tragic Dream
13 Disgusting Semla


tracks 1 to 4 from `december
moon` demo / track 5 rehearsal
tracks 6 – 13 recorded live
in Stockholm, Oct. 23 1987
The recording is from Birkagården, not mentioned on this release.

die669 – made in Canada

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