Minor Threat – Black Sheep in Gotham LP

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After temporarily breaking up in late ’81, Minor Threat reformed in April of ’82 and began writing what would eventually become the all-time classic “Out Of Step” 12”. Wanting to test out this new material, they traveled north to perform at Irving Plaza in New York on May 15th. This 15-track album captures this incendiary performance that serves as a debut for the new songs. It’s obvious that the band has been rehearsing relentlessly because their set is tighter and more focused than before. 

The stage is crowded with rowdy New York punks from the second the music begins resulting in total chaos. Harley Flannagan of the Cro Mags and Springa from SSD are amongst many that are singing along. Ian MacKaye delivers pure comedic gold between songs as he mercilessly berates the wild audience with a unique sense of humor. 

This features incredible sound quality as this album was sourced from a first-generation soundboard cassette and was carefully mastered via Direct Metal Mastering. Comes in a color UV-gloss laminated jacket that features superb artwork and custom labels. UK IMPORT. 


A1 Straight Edge
A2 Seeing Red
A3 Little Friend
A4 Filler
A5 Small Man Big Mouth
A6 No Reason
A7 12XU
A8 Minor Threat
B1 Bottled Violence
B2 Out Of Step
B3 Asshole Dub
B4 Screaming At A Wall
B5 Guilty Of Being White
B6 Steeping Stone
B7 In My Eyes

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