Lobotomized / Bonesaw – Split 7″

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An excellent pairing (if I do say so myself) of two of the best current old-school death metal bands going right now! I put both these guys on when they did a small tour of Scotland a few years ago in the basement of the Captain’s Rest (when it was a grotty shit-hole and not the crap indie trend-fest PCL-hangout it’s become now) and we were all subjected to a night of total drunken mayhem, these guys really walked it like they talked it! This 7″ came about as a result of those shows and I think really does justice to the Lobosaw live experience like no other release by either band has yet!

Lobotomized start off with Shitting Through Scotland (Hail Gordo Strachan) which is a totally daft but insanely catchy punk/death hybrid about everyone’s favourite (ahem!) funny wee giger football manager. I have to say as a life-long Kilmarnock fan I’d never have imagined I’d be putting out a tribute to Gordon Strachan. Second track is a cover of Abscess’s “The Scent Of Shit” from their first (I think?) demo.

Bonesaw are Scotland’s best death metal band as far as I’m concerned. No fancy-dan overly technical soloing or hard-man posturing, just great, heads-down OLD SCHOOL death metal. This track is total late-period Autopsy worship: it’s got fast parts, sludgy slow parts, and the sound is totally grimy and dirty as fuck but packs a real punch. Basement death!

You can watch the video for Shitting… on Youtube here:

Pro sleeves, heavy black vinyl, double-sided insert. 350 copies.

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