Iron Cross – Crucified For Your Sins (Discography + more) LP


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Flex Your Head-Sessions 1981
A1 Wargames
A2 New Breed
A3 Live For Now
A4 It’s A Fight
A5 Teenage Violators
1st 7” 1982
A6 Crucified For Your Sins
A7 Psycho Skin
A8 Fight ‘Em All
A9 Shadows In The Night
Session 1982
A10 Against The Enemy
A11 Criminal Minds
A12 Death Or Glory
A13 Psycho Skin 2
Demo 1980
B1 Teenage Violators
B2 It’s A Fight
B3 Skinhead Glory
B4 Live For Now
Live 1982
B5 Shadows In The Night
B6 Skin And Punk
B7 Fight ‘Em All
B8 Wargames
B9 New Breed
2nd 7” 1983
B10 Wolfpack
B11 Grey Morning
B12 You’re A Rebel

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