Four Days To Burn – Southern Corruption CD

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No one can crawl their way out of FOUR DAYS TO BURN’s thick-bodied quicksand pit of sludge if they want to. “Southern Corruption” offers primordial, down tuned, slow-tempo drones peppered with surprising punk notations. A Leviathan mix like this could send a dormant volcano into an earth-weakening explosion. This dirty-sounding, methadone-ish chunk of sludge constantly rises and falls like a tidal wave surging towards the coast. And, with the same torturous impact, this skull-rattling, rhythmically chaotic album of codeine-drowsy stagger, will creep into the recesses of your brain, where your subconscious will meet it’s gory fate at the hands of some subhuman species! This is HEAVY!!!



1 The Goatman
2 Lieutenant
3 Fornicake
4 Worse Than Bad
5 Lance Mountain
6 Gunman Identified
7 Sons Of Bitches
8 Casino Bitch
9 The Gutted Nun
10 High As A Goddamn Rite

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