Fistula / Ratstab – split EP


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Ohio sludgecore cretins FISTULA square off with Providence noisepunks RATSTAB on a split 7″ of vicious hardcore.

Fistula‘s contribution, ‘Milf INRI’ is the type of turgid filth we’ve come to know and love from them, scuzzy and downright nasty in its tone and delivery. Vocalist Dan Harrington spews his venomous bile all over the place while Corey Bing and Co keep the sludgy/grinding rhythm. As usual with Fistula, we get samples laid over the top, this time about vaginal trauma with a crucifix… Ratstab prefer to keep things short and sweet with their half, 4 tracks at just under or just over a minute starting with ‘Wired Shut’. Clearly pissing in the same alley as Fistula, it starts slow for a moment before the chaotic spazzcore dives in throwing bony elbows and knees towards your face. ‘Oil Bloodstream’ and ‘Dereks Don’t Run’ fly past like a piss filled beer bottle hurtled at your head before ‘Slaughterhouse’ is diligently smashed into a bloody pulp in a drunken frenzy.

If you don’t have this, buy the fucking record! You owe it to yourself. If you don’t buy it, both bands will shit on your doorstep.” – Chris Bull/The Sludgelord

1). Fistula – “Milf INRI”
2). Ratstab – Wired Shut”
3). Ratstab – “Oil Bloodstream”
4). Ratstab – “Derek’s Don’t Run”
5). Ratstab – “Slaughterhouse”

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