Devastation – A Legacy of Ripping Death 2LP + 7″ vinyl EP


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Devastation – A Legacy Of Ripping Death 2-LP. Collection of tracks from Chicago underground death metal legends. Includes tracks from their Re-Creation of Ripping Death demo, The Dispensible Bloodshed unreleased album, 1986 live tracks and 1987 live tracks. 27 tracks total over two records. Plus, you get a bonus 7″ single with four tracks from their Creation of Ripping Death demo.


Side Ripping
A1 Cranial Hemorrhage
A2 Nuclear Winter
A3 Beyond Fear
A4 Devastation
A5 Cranial Hemorrhage
A6 Dispensible Bloodshed
Side Death
B1 Genetic Poisoning
B2 Instrumental
B3 Psycopathic
B4 Beyond Fear
B5 Nuclear Winter
Live Eighty Six
C1 Devastation
C2 Awakened From Death
C3 Psycopathic
C4 Beyond Fear
C5 Realm of the Mastodon
C6 Cranial Hemorrhage
C7 Apocalyptic Warrior
C8 Nuclear Winter
Live Eighty Seven
D1 Awakened From Death
D2 Genetic Poisoning
D3 Devastation
D4 Dispensible Bloodshed
D5 Cranial Hemorrhage
D6 Beyond Fear
D7 Psycopathic
D8 Apocalyptic Warrior
A Creation of Ripping Death
E1 Devastation
E2 Awakened From Death
F1 Beyond Fear
F2 Apocalyptic Warrior

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Dimensions 12 x 12 x .25 in