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High Roller Records, high gloss 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve, poster, original 1986 sound !!! Specially mastered for vinyl !!!

Original 1986 sound !!! Specially mastered for vinyl !!!

No doubt about it – »Darkness Descends« is one of the most important albums in Thrash Metal history. Gene Hoglan’s drumming on songs like “Merciless Death”, “The Burning Of Sodom” or “Black Prophecies” is simply not of this world! As you all know, Hoglan later moved on to play with Chuck Schuldiner’s Death and more recently with Testament as well as Devin Townsend (with whom he recorded several albums).

»Darkness Descends« (originally released in 1986) is widely regarded as Dark Angel‘s ‘classic’ record. The roots of Dark Angel go back to the year 1981 when Don Doty (vocals), Jim Durkin (guitars), Rob Yahn (bass) and Mike Andrade (drums) formed the band in Downey, California, during the early days of the Bay Area Thrash invasion. Their original band name was Shellshock which they changed to Dark Angel in 1983. In 1985 the first record »We Have Arrived« was released.

»We Have Arrived« was a decent enough Thrash Metal debut record with fast and furious songs such as “Welcome To The Slaughter House” or the title track but Dark Angel really found their own style on the second album »Darkness Descends«. They had moved towards more elaborate compositions with technical twists and turns (plus Gene Hoglan’s trademark lyrics dealing with psychological illnesses and traumata).

In October 2013 Dark Angel have officially announced re-union plans. The band is rumoured to appear at next year’s Keep It True festival in Southern Germany.

Matthias Mader



A1 Darkness Descends
A2 The Burning Of Sodom
A3 Hunger Of The Undead
A4 Merciless Death
B1 Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)
B2 Black Prophecies
B3 Perish In Flames

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