Charles Manson – LIE: The Love and Terror Cult LP (red vinyl)


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A limited reissue of a 1970 cult classic, these original folk songs were recorded during the years 1967-68 while Manson was unsuccessfully trying to break into the music business. Not bad at all but at least a bit creepy considering the 1969 multiple murders he was on trial for when this was released, these songs showcase his quite expressive voice and sometimes odd lyrics coupled with actually competent music, all of which has gained it a respectable and continuing audience over the years. This reissue comes with the original cover art (imitating the long-gone Life Magazine), and will be pressed on both red and black vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies.


A1 Look At Your Game Girl 2:04
A2 Ego 2:31
A3 Mechanical Man 3:20
A4 People Say I’m No Good 3:22
A5 Home Is Where You’re Happy 1:29
A6 Arkansas 3:06
A7 I’ll Never Say Never To Always 0:42
B1 Garbage Dump 2:37
B2 Don’t Do Anything Illegal 2:55
B3 Sick City 1:41
B4 Cease To Exist 2:15
B5 Big Iron Door 1:10
B6 I Once Knew A Man 2:37
B7 Eyes Of A Dreamer 2:51

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