Black Hole – Land of Mystery LP (splatter vinyl)


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High Roller Records, transparent ultra clear/ purple vinyl, ltd 250, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard lyric sheet

During the winter of 1981 singer and bass player Roberto `Measles` Morbioli founded this group in Verona, Italy. The band shows a big devotion to the Black Sabbath lessons as well as attention to the rhythmical vehemence of the NWOBHM. A style that finds its sublimation on the 1985 debut `Land Of Mystery` which gave Black Hole a cult-band status within the Italian doom scene. The seven tracks here are still shining with their unique sound, in which are sepulchral and muddy riffs are rent by keyboard passages and unconventional partitures that reveal Morbioli’s never concealed love for a certain kind of new wave and cosmic rock.

A1 Demoniac City 6:09
A2 Land Of Mystery 7:00
A3 All My Evil 6:10
A4 Bells Of Death 6:16
B1 Blind Men And Occult Forces 7:58
B2 Spectral World 7:55
B3 Obscurity In The Etheral House 7:57

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