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In the Summer of 1987 the Hoffman Brothers answered a newspaper add put in by vocalist/bassist Glen Benton and along with drummer Steve Asheim they temporarily went under the monicker of Carnage. The early Carnage shows were reportedly insane affairs with mannequins being stuffed with blood filled meat and being later torn down and ripped to shreds by the pit bulls owned by another band on the bill that night called Morbid Angel. A short time later the band changed to Amon and recorded their first demo in the same year by the name of “Feasting the Beast”.

In 1989 they were ready to record the second demo namely “Sacrificial“. The underground was shocked at the power and ferocity of the demo and it quickly spread through the underground. On the strength of the demo the band stormed into the record company and more than forcefully “persuaded” the company to sign them on the spot which they of course did. In 1990 the band (at the request of the record company) changed their name to Deicide and put out the classic self titled debut.

while the record is an undisputed and legendary classic there are many that feel the Sacrificial demo has the superior versions of the songs with a thicker sound and performance.

This record will include both the 1987 and 1989 demo’s in a gatefold cover which will showcase the original band art from the period. in addition there will be an insert with never seen before pictures and lyrics and finally a gig flyer from one of the Amon shows with Morbid Angel.
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Sacrificial (1989 Demo)
A1 Lunatic Of God’s Creation
A2 Sacrificial Suicide
A3 Crucifixation
A4 Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
A5 Dead By Dawn
A6 Blaspherereion
Feasting The Beast (1987 Demo)
B1 Feasting The Beast (Intro)
B2 Sacrificial Suicide
B3 Day Of Darkness
B4 Oblivious To Nothing

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