Agathocles / Slund – split EP




Slovenia mincegrind comes face first with the originators of mince in this furious split. Full on blasty grind, gurgling dirges, and mince mayhem is all included.



A1 Slund The Real Shiznit
A2 Slund Yngwie Doesn’t Like Donuts
A3 Slund Chakra Cleansing Party
A4 Slund Forceful Helper
A5 Slund Pill Cosby
A6 Slund Smart Phones – Stupid People
A7 Slund ‘s Wonderful
A8 Slund The Lowest Of The Low
B1 Agathocles Maze Of Papers
B2 Agathocles Forced To Masturbate

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × .25 in