Adobe Coyote – s/t EP (Nunslaughter/Jim Konya)

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A fantastic Jim Konya project with some great short maniacal songs. Only 300 of these beauties were pressed, on a variety of different colors of vinyl. This is a fundraiser for Jim’s family to help them with Jim’s final expenses. A true tragedy that Jim has left the world. Celebrate his life and listen to his music! And this is some great music!!!



1 We Are Adobe Coyote
2 I’m Sick As Fuck
3 I’m A Complete Asshole
4 Breakfast
5 Zoot Suit Dickface
6 Disco Fagfest
7 #!@&
8 Now
1 Things I Do
2 Let’s Dance, Bitch
3 You Never Know If The Guy You Ball With Is A Homo
4 Tornado Warning
5 Last Call
6 Tilt-A-Whirl At St. Anthony’s
7 Dora, Pay The Landlord


guitars: Bloody Coyote
bass: Coyote 213
drums / vokills: Sadist Coyote

cover art / claymation: N8 Ki-O-T
typeset / layout: Oblak Coyote
digitizorz: Trehan & Poopy Coyote
wax cutter: JJ the Golden Coyote

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