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"HELLBASTARD announce 2016 US Tour Dates with WARWOUND & NERVE DAMAGE!

February 18th – Austin, TX @ The Lost Well
w/ Deadly Reign

February 19th – Dallas, TX @ Three Links

February 20th – Kansas City, MO @ Gacy’s Place

February 21st – Minneapolis, MN @ The Triple Rock
w/ War//Plague

February 22nd – Chicago, IL @ Live Wire Lounge

February 23rd – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar

February 24th – Nashville, TN @ TBA (ask a punk)

February 25th – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
w Gasmiasma

February 26th – Houston, TX @ Eastdown Warehouse (Bad Ass Weekend)
w/ Aspects of War, Napalm Raid, Deadly Reign and Saint Krusher



The new HELLBASTARD album Feral is available now from PATAC Records.  order here or purchase it from your local record store. Continue reading

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"The Meatmen – Toilet Slave LP out now on BLUE VINYL! Limited to 500 copies



2015 marks the official release of the classic Toilet Slave album from 1994 on vinyl for the first time! Limited edition of 500 on Urinal Cake Blue wax on Patac Records. This puerile slab of sophomoric scatology with underlying savagery is a gift from the gods of punk rock, tracks like ‘Toilet Slave’, ’Tesco’s Tender Love Ballad’ and ‘Another Dead Republican’ haven’t lost an iota of relevance over the past two decades. This limited edition colored vinyl is part of an ongoing series of THE MEATMEN reissues… race to your record store and buy some MEAT… or you suck.

-Limited to 500 copies on clear ‘Urinal Cake’ Blue vinyl.
-Cut from the original album masters.
-Contains lyric sheet for all you Weenbags to sing along with at home.
-Contains 5″x5″ full color vinyl sticker of the album artwork.

Like a cartoon mallet to the head, THE MEATMEN – a 35-year old legacy band – lives on as one of the most recognizable names in punk and metal. The band’s primal decree, We’re The Meatmen, AND YOU SUCK! is synonymous with the era and the attitude of hardcore punk. The Mighty Men of Meat are anchored by the sharp-tongued wit of statuesque frontman Tesco Vee, co-creator of the original Touch & Go Records and the fanzine. Today, Vee and company continue to entertain fans with hilariously heavy records and a memorable live spectacle -replete with wild costuming and a gigantic confetti-spewing penis.
THE MEATMEN formed in Lansing, MI in 1979 when a young, crate-digging schoolteacher named Bob Vermeulen blended his passion for Frank Zappa, R. Crumb comics and the burgeoning hardcore punk scene into a band of his own. The band became renowned for their unpredictable stage antics and incredibly offensive lyrics. With song titles such as, “Crippled Children Suck” and the loner’s masturbatory anthem, “Orgy of One,” The Meatmen’s turn towards the absurd went on to inspire bands like GWAR, TURBONEGRO and WEEN.

THE MEATMEN, with their signature brand of silly and scatological humor, have long- weathered and defined musical trends. History has proven them to be the clown-prince anti-heroes of punk and pop culture. In a world of serious music that deals with world politics and social injustices, THE MEATMEN are simply here to sing songs about poop and boners to ultimately remind us all that they are THE MEATMEN… “AND YOU SUCK!!!”

1 We’re The Meatmen (And You Suck)
2 Toilet Slave
3 Real Men
4 Tesco’s Tender Love Ballad
5 Hygiene Lapse
6 Brainwashed By LSD
7 Kill The Hippies (The Deadbeats)
8 I Need New Friends
9 Everybody Must Get Stoned (Bob Dylan)
10 Do A Whippet
11 World Of Hate
12 Monkey Brain Brunch
13 Crazy Horses (The Osmonds)
14 Pop A Boner
15 Ern!
16 Jerkin’ Off
17 Someone Stole My Moodring
18 Stella
19 Hee Haw Hell
20 Perfect Family
21 Triple B
22 Another Dead Republican


Order your copy straight from now!

Own a store or a distro? Wanna carry this sweet record and other awesome PATAC Records titles? Independent Label Distribution ( carries all our records plus a bunch of other great labels!


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"Whipstriker – Rawhide – Panzerbastard ‘RawPanzerStrike’ limited edition tour 7″ out now from Devil’s Grip Records


Available now from DEVIL’S GRIP Records (Sweden), US distribution through PATAC.

Three continents join forces for one motorpunk assault.  Limited edition release for the September 2015 ‘RawPanzerStrike’ USA tour, limited to 500 copies.  Whipstriker (Brazil), Rawhide (Sweden/members of BESTIAL MOCKERY & KILL) & Panzerbastard each provide an unreleased track.

Essential listening for all motor-headbangers.



Side A:

Whipstriker: Intro/Pyromaniac

Side B:

Rawhide: Nothing To Lose

Panzerbastard: The Devil Wins Every Time


for additional ordering info/wholesale: email dan (at) patacrecords (dot) com

US orders:

European orders: Continue reading

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"Kentucky heavy metal punks THE HOOKERS & Sweden’s RAWHIDE square off on a new split 7″, NOW SHIPPING!


Louisville punk metal heavyweights THE HOOKERS square off against Sweden’s death punk n roll titans RAWHIDE.

A1 Grind Your Bones To Dust
A2 Necrophilia (GBH)
B1 Tear It Down
B2 The Strangler

Total of 600 copies pressed.
125 on red vinyl, 475 on black vinyl.

Co-Released by Little T&A Records, Totem Cat, Bat Taco Records & Devil’s Grip Records

Limited quantities are available here from PATAC RECORDS, click here to order.

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"RAWHIDE, PANZERBASTARD & WHIPSTRIKER team up for the RawPanzerStrike 2015 Tour!




2015 US tour

Sept 7 – Chicago, IL w/Deathhammer (Official)
Sept 8 – St Louis, MO
Sept 9 – Memphis, TN w/Special Victims Unit (SVU)
Sept 10 – Dallas, TX
Sept 11 – San Antonio, TX w/Ass/Hellknife
Sept 12 – Houston, TX
Sept 13 – New Orleans, LA
Sept 14 – Atlanta, GA w/Homicidal
Sept 15 – Detroit w/ Savage Master/Seax
Sept 16 – Buffalo, NY w/Savage Master//Rotten UK:
Sept 17 – Pittsburgh, PA w/Savage Master/Seax
Sept 18 – Hyattsville, MD w/Savage Master/Seax
Sept 19 – Worcester, MA w/Seax:
Sept 20 – New York, NY:

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"FISTULA announces October 2015 East Coast shows





FISTULA will be hitting the road for four select East Coast shows to introduce tracks from the two LPs ‘Longing For Infection‘ and ‘The Shape Of Doom To Cum‘ set to be released during the Spring of 2016.  OG member Bahb Branca has returned to the fold adding a second guitar to the onslaught.


Friday – 10/09/15 – Baltimore, MD @ THE SIDEBAR


Facebook event page:


Saturday – 10/10/15 – Scranton, PA @ IRISH WOLF PUB


Facebook event page:


Sunday – 10/11/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ THE OMEGA ORDER Warehouse


Facebook event page:


Monday – 10/12/15 – Allston, MA @ O’BRIENS PUB


Facebook event page: Continue reading

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