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"PANZERBASTARD: Boston-Based Thrashing Hardcore Punk Miscreants To Unleash MotörHeathen Seven-Inch Via PATAC; New Track Streaming At Decibel

[caption id="attachment_1007" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Metal Thursday, Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA 9/19/15 Metal Thursday, Ralph’s Diner, Worcester, MA 9/19/15[/caption]


Boston-based thrashing hardcore punk miscreants, PANZERBASTARD, will release four new tracks of audio mutiny this Summer in the form of their MotörHeathen seven-inch. Set for release on July 15th, 2016 via the noise-bringers at PATAC Records, the record follows a barrage of EP and split releases since their 2006 formation and finds the furious four-piece perfecting their riotous brand of motör-charged filth ‘n’ roll. In advance of its release, today Decibel Magazine spews forth opening track, “Shaman” for public inebriation.

“Here you go, motherfuckers,” offers bassist/vocalist KPanzer of the seven-inch, “the latest sonic assault on decency by the kings of motör-core, PANZERBASTARD. Forged in a dark, smelly, room in the deepest, darkest bowels of Boston, your intrepid, dirtbag heroes internalized three years of misfortune, betrayal, underachievement, and general disgust with the human race to puke forth the four slabs of sonic offal now known as MotörHeathen. We are the bastard sons of Motörhead, Discharge, Venom, and Cro-Mags, on a mission to ruin your life.”

Hear “Shaman,” now playing at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

For preorders visit the PATAC Store HERE.

MotörHeathen Track Listing:
1. Shaman
2. The Devil Wins Every Time
3. Traitor
4. Motörheathen

KPanzer – bass, vocals
MFBastard – guitar, drums
MexAlex – drums
Swid – guitar


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"FISTULA: NSFW Video For “Morgue Attendant” From Ohio Misery Makers Now Playing At Cvlt Nation; Longing For Infection Full-Length Release Day Draws Near


With the release of Longing For Infection, the impending new full-length from Ohio’s favorite misery makers, FISTULA, now less than a month away, today the band shares the graphic visual accompaniment to Morgue Attendant” via Cvlt Nation.

“I feel that the music of FISTULA is at its best when we’re at our worst,” confides frontman Dan Harrington. “After the whole Northern Aggression/Vermin Prolificus lineup imploded, Corey [Bing] and I were in a tough spot. Corey enlisted long-time friend Buddy Peel and Jeff Sullivan to join on bass and drums respectively, ‘Morgue Attendant’ was the first song they arranged together. Inspired by a ton of shitty Akron weed and watching Maximum Overdive, the song came together quick. Around this time, this total deviant in Cincinnati had admitted to raping hundreds of corpses over his sixteen-year career in the morgue. Crack binges? Malt liquor? Necrophilia? This guy had to be the subject of a FISTULA song.”

“When we came back with a set list,” Harrington continues, “we were opening with ‘Ohio Death Toll Rising’ from the Goat EP. Goat was a concept record based on Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell. [Click HERE for more info about theGoat EP, including the limited edition vinyl containing soil obtained from Sowell’s House Of  Horrors.] ‘Ohio Death Toll Rising’ contained a bunch of audio samples taken from news coverage of Sowell’s heinous crimes at the end of the song, I always dug how effective it was. It really painted a vivid picture of what had actually happened there. I started sifting through the news reports and found the perfect excerpt to set up the ‘Morgue Attendant’ lyrics Corey and I came up with in all their raunchy glory. The song had to be completely over the top and just as crazy as the story clipped from the newspaper headlines. We knew this song would be perfect for a music video. Whore Church put together an incredible video for ‘Harmful Situation’ a couple years ago and set the bar really high. They recommended that we contact cult VHS manipulators King Of The Witches. They were totally excited about the opportunity and came up with video that tells the ‘Morgue Attendant’ story perfectly.”

Check out “Morgue Attendant,” in all its gruesome glory, at THIS LOCATION.

You can also hear “Loyal To The Foil,” courtesy of Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION. And if you missed it, try your ears at “Too Many Devils And Drugs,” currently streaming at the band’s BandCamp page HERE.

Tracked and engineered by Dave Johnson (Midnight, Incantation, Soulless), the demoralizing Longing For Infectionfeatures the return of FISTULA founding member Bahb Branca on second guitar, furthering the band’s already vile brand of sonic violence. Set for mass contamination on July 15th, 2016, the first pressing of Longing For Infection will be limited to one-thousand copies housed in digipak packaging bathed in the abysmal artwork of Jason Barnett. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION. Continue reading

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"FISTULA reveals details for new album ‘Longing For Infection’

fistulalive2016 1

Long-running Ohio volume abusers, FISTULA, will self-release their Longing For Infection full-length this Summer. The scathing follow-up to the band’s critically-adored 2014 sludge opus, Vermin Prolificus, Longing For Infection was recorded and engineered by Dave Johnson (Midnight, Incantation, Soulless) and features the return of FISTULA founding member Bahb Branca on second guitar, furthering the band’s already torrid brand of sonic violence.

Set for mass contamination on July 15th, 2016, the first pressing of Longing For Infection will be limited to one-thousand copies housed in digipak packaging bathed in the abysmal artwork of Jason Barnett. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION.

In the meantime, get demoralized with the suffocating sounds of opening psalm, “Too Many Devils And Drugs,” currently streaming at the band’s BandCamp page HERE.


Longing For Infection Track Listing:

  1. Too Many Devils And Drugs
  2. Morgue Attendant
  3. The Big Turnout
  4. Destitute
  5. Smoke Acid Shoot Pills
  6. Loyal To The Foil
  7. Detox

Hear “Loyal To The Foil” now, courtesy of Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.


Ohio’s FISTULA was forged in 1998 by musical partners-in-crime Corey Bing and Bahb Branca. Over the years,FISTULA has released a seemingly endless barrage of studio albums and split EPs through numerous lineup changes featuring the creative talents of bands such as –(16)-, Sloth, Hemdale, The Disease Concept, Accept Death, and so many others. FISTULA is a band that is impossible to categorize, combining elements of remedial sludge, hardcore and a proverbial “bad case of the Mondays.” Nearing two decades of ear bleeding, FISTULA remains the kings of doomed-out “miserycore.”

2015 saw the band at its creative peak, headlining the Het Patronaat stage at Roadburn Festival and recording the Destitute demo as well as the new full studio album Longing For Infection. Aside from Roadburn, FISTULA recently played the Haunted Hotel 13th Anniversary Fest as well as the Berserker III Fest. FISTULA will return to Europe (Bloodshed Festival) in October 2016 to bring their ultimate onslaught of pure, unbridled hatred, and negativity. FISTULAwill release another full-length this Fall coinciding with the tour on Totem Cat Records. Entitled The Shape Of Doom To Cumm ))), the record will feature guest guitarist David Szulkin from Blood Farmers and Church Of Misery. Stand by for details.

Personnel response for all that racket:
Corey Bing – guitar/backups
Bahb Branca – guitar/backups
Dan Harrington – vocals
Buddy Peel – bass
Jeff Sullivan – drum


For FISTULA coverage contact [email protected].

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"CONCLAVE release limited cassette edition of debut album ‘Sins Of The Elders’ on PATAC Records


Today marks the official release of Sins Of The Elders, the debut full-length from New England-based doom collective,CONCLAVE. Captured at Raven’s Head Studio in Allston, Massachusetts with Eric Braunschweiger at the recording helm, with Sins Of The Elders CONCLAVE — which features within its ranks Warhorse, Grief, Disrupt, Desolate, and Martyrvor alumni — fuses their death and doom influences into a unique amalgam of heavy grooves, pounding sludge and melodic doom. Sins Of The Elders boasts nine grisly tracks of staggeringly heavy and atmospheric oppression – pure and honest metal in an uncompromised form.

Comments drummer Dan Blomquist: “We’re extremely excited about Sins Of The Elders as this album representsCONCLAVE‘s writing style and direction for the future more so than our previous EP, Breaking Ground. The only remaining semblance to the days of Warhorse on this album is the track ‘Cold Comfort,’ which was loosely outlined by [bassist/vocalist] Jerry [Orne] and [guitarist] Terry [Savastano] before Warhorse disbanded. The material on this album has contributions from all of us and is just a glimpse of things to come as we continue to grow and foster new songs together. We never dismiss anyone’s ideas and don’t cater to any one style or genre of metal which I think is evident on this album. Our writing tends to be deeper than it may appear on the surface as people will find when they listen to the album in its entirety and take time to digest the lyrical content.”

Order The PATAC cassette edition here!

Stream the entire album here.


Watch CONCLAVE level stages throughout Massachusetts on their upcoming live dates. Additional onstage assaults are in the plotting stages.

6/30/2016 Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA * Record Release Show
7/22/2016 Deathkiss Radio Show @ WEMF Radio – Cambridge, MA
7/23/2016 O’Brien’s: Grub, Sweat & Beers – Cambridge, MA
8/27/2016 RPM Fest – Greenfield, MA
10/22/2016 The Depot: Lost Apparitions Records Showcase – Baltimore, MD
11/11/2016 The Fire – Philadelphia, PA
11/12/2016 Guido’s Speakeasy – Frederick, MD

“Punishing… CONCLAVE are stellar song writers and they know how to engage the listener with riffs you can feel beyond surface level.” – Cvlt Nation

“[Sins Of The Elders] expands both the command and the crush of that release [Breaking Ground] with an assured direction toward abysmal sludge, the metal of death, and consuming disaffection.” – The Obelisk

“Taking an obvious love for all things Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Trouble, and Saint Vitus, Sins Of The Elders contains nine tracks of old school doom, drenched in slow, heavy riffs, plenty of atmosphere, and loads of menace.” – Sea Of Tranquility

“The best thing to be said about CONCLAVE is their variety. From swaggering blues riffs, to alternate picked death metal riffs, they’re just crossing vast, desolate lands of sound. Pained vocals buttressed by growls coexist with the guitars. The vocals are weaved in and out of the mix, from far in the back to right up front. Sins Of The Elders is the best doom metal to cross my desk in 2016.” – Glacially Musical

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"New RAWHIDE (Sweden) shirts and ‘Gulty As Charged’ 10″ vinyl EPs are now available in the PATAC distro!


It took a while, but the PATAC Records distro finally got in some killer new records and shirts from Uddevalla Sweden’s RAWHIDE. Hot off the heels of the infamous 2015 “RawPanzerStrike” (RAWHIDE, WHIPSTRIKER & PANZERBASTARD) tour, RAWHIDE released their latest slab of deathpunk charged rock’n’roll entitled Guilty As Charged on the Mexican label CRANEO NEGRO.  Guilty As Charged features five new, exclusive tracks pressed on black 10″ vinyl limited to 300 copies, housed in a gatefold sleeve. This record is bound to sell out quickly, so don’t sleep on it!


Also added to the distrom is the new “Everything Drunker Than Everything Else” new shirt illustrated by Maegan Lemay. This shirt is printed on both sides in khaki colored ink and is perfect to soak up vomit.



Of course we still have copies of the Murder One LP on red vinyl, as well as the Branded For Life 7″, Built To Blow 7″, split 7″s with THE HOOKERS & PANZERBASTARD and the RawPanzerStrike 3-way split 7″. To order all of this glorious shit, head on over to the distro HERE. Continue reading

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"HELLBASTARD announce 2016 US Tour Dates with WARWOUND & NERVE DAMAGE!

February 18th – Austin, TX @ The Lost Well
w/ Deadly Reign

February 19th – Dallas, TX @ Three Links

February 20th – Kansas City, MO @ Gacy’s Place

February 21st – Minneapolis, MN @ The Triple Rock
w/ War//Plague

February 22nd – Chicago, IL @ Live Wire Lounge

February 23rd – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar

February 24th – Nashville, TN @ TBA (ask a punk)

February 25th – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
w Gasmiasma

February 26th – Houston, TX @ Eastdown Warehouse (Bad Ass Weekend)
w/ Aspects of War, Napalm Raid, Deadly Reign and Saint Krusher



The new HELLBASTARD album Feral is available now from PATAC Records.  order here or purchase it from your local record store. Continue reading

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