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"HELLBASTARD – Feral CD OUT NOW on PATAC! Embossed Digipak with bonus track!






Think you know HELLBASTARD? You know nothing, as Feral has just rewritten the band in vivid shades of scarlet and gold. The tranquil intro piece, “In Praise Of Bast,” featuring the keyboard skills of Andy “A-. Droid” Wiggins (ex-Amebix), lulls the listener into a deliciously false sense of security, because seconds after its final note fades into memory, the album’s title track hurtles in with all the subtlety of a muddy jack boot to the head, HELLBASTARD‘s patented metallic riffage in full effect, Scruff howling, “My father was a wolf… my mother was a witch…!

It becomes immediately apparent that this is unlike any other modern crossover album. This is primal, back-to-nature shit; a tsunami of raw emotion made sound that demands everything of the listener, no half measures. Not ever. You have to give yourself to the flow completely, or not at all, but the reward for such fearless trust in others is great indeed. An adrenaline shot of pure punk energy, for starters, all filtered through with some of thrash metal’s intricacies – but thankfully none of its overblown ego. And there is melody to be had here too, but you have to dig deep, claw through the wreckage and get your hands bloodied; subtle harmonies in the guitar interplays and peaceful interludes where you can rest a while between the harrowing heaviness of most of the material. Because honesty is always harrowing, isn’t it? And this is so honest, so utterly uncompromising in its pure existentialism, it will shake you to your core. As the album title suggests, this is a force of nature that refuses to be tamed, and will sweep everything before it asunder, rending it apart with its violent rhythmic contortions. A social hand grenade jammed in your teeth, literally blowing your skull apart with endless possibilities.

As well as A. Droid’s tinkering of the ivories, HELLBASTARD‘s Feral also includes guest appearances from Rob “The Baron” Miller (also ex-Amebix… indeed, the love of all things Amebix permeates every note and beat of this album) on “Wychcraft” and Mr. Heavy Metal himself, Andy Sneap (ex-Sabbat/Hell) on “And The Point Of Your Being Is….?” ButFeral is not about individual performances, or indeed individual songs. It’s about reconnecting with that vital spark in your soul that has been dulled by the technological trappings of modern society. It’s a journey back to the earth, back to yourself, a metallic liturgy to personal freedom and self-expression, a call to the wild that cannot be ignored. Immerse yourself in the chaos and be reborn. — Ian Glasper/Terrorizer

Check out the Feral track teaser along with the official video for the three-part “We Are Coven” video currently streaming at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

Feral Track Listing:
1. In Praise Of Bast – Feral (featuring Andy “A. Droid” Wiggins)
2. Outsider Of The Year
3. We Are Coven
A. …For All Crippled Woods
B. …I Spit You Poison
C….Let Them Blast Their Brains
4. Shame On Us
5. And The Point Of Your Being Is…? (featuring Andy Sneap)
6. Wychcraft (featuring Rob “The Barron” Miller)
7. Social Hand Grenade
8. 4-Paws
9. Engineering Human Consciousness… II
10. All Our Sorrows


Formed in 1985 in the North East of England in the midst of Thatcherism, HELLBASTARD set out to play what they wanted to listen to themselves…. too “metal” for the punks and too “punk” for the metallers the band went on hiatus in 1992 before officially reuniting in 2008 and continue to bring a relevant lyric and sound to counteract against, mediocre sub-standard radio friendly, safety-rock.

Feral was tracked at the prestigious Hellfire Recording Studios (Slayer, Motörhead, Orange Goblin, Napalm Death etc.) in Derbyshire, engineered, recorded, produced and mixed by Ajeet Gill (Warlock UK, Slab, I Am Colossus, etc) and will be officially unleashed worldwide on July 17th 2015 on CD and digitally via PATAC Records with exclusive distribution byIndependent Label Distribution. The first CD pressing will include a bonus track (not available on digital download or the upcoming 2016 vinyl edition) as well as an eight-page booklet and embossed digipack packaging.

“As ever, the legendary punk-thrashers, led by founder-member guitarist/vocalist Scruff, have poured into this album a massive amount of passion, sadness, anger and sincerity: the work sways from incandescent, bone-crushing, proper (and I mean proper – proper – proper!) thrash to heart-breaking, bleak ambience magnificence…” – Continue reading

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"SET – Valley Of The Stone vinyl LPs now distributed through PATAC!

set valley of the stone

Recently Worcester, MA based riff-dealers SET sent me a copy of their ‘Valley Of The Stone’ LP and ‘Modern Slavery/Northern Front’ demo CDr. Holy shit this band is fucking heavy. A perfect molotov cocktail of doom, sludge and elements of NWOBHM… this band is only going to get better with time too… the new demo kicks some unprecedented amount of ass. Be sure to pick up this LP to hear where it all starts. For those PATAC diehards, you may recognize their new vocalist Dave Shay from FAST DEATH on the newer recordings.

Order the LP HERE from PATAC RECORDS, if you run a store or distro and would like to order some wholesale copies, shoot me an email: dan (at) patacrecords (dot) com

I’ve snagged this excellent review from JJ Koczan from THE OBELISK.

“Massachusetts-based metallers SET reside somewhere between the seemingly disparate sides vibes of thrash, stoner and doom, but from the bombastic groove of opener “Dicing with Death,” which launches their Valley of the Stone 2013 debut LP, self-released digitally and on vinyl, they’re immediately difficult to place in one or the other. Granted, the Worcester four-piece can’t play in two speeds at the same time, so it winds up being tradeoffs between fast and slow, extreme and nodding, but still, what’s most successful about the two-sided eight-track release is how much it seems to pull its elements together as a cohesive whole, cuts like the aforementioned “Dicing with Death,” or side A’s closer “The Eagle” pushing forward with breakneck weight and speed while “Magnum Opus” plods a smokier course and “Wolves behind the Sheep” works to bring the various sides to bear in one of Valley of the Stone‘s most engrossing rolls.

As a standout with a particularly killer hook, “Wolves behind the Sheep” serves to represent the stylistic breadth of the band well, blasting one second and swinging hard the next. I’ve had the advantage at this point of seeing SET play live three times now (reviews here, here and here), and seeing the fluidity drummer Tim brings to his tempo changes on stage only affirms what comes across on Valley of the Stone in that he does well in holding these songs together. That’s true throughout the album, as bassist/vocalist Andy, guitarist/backing vocalist Jeff and guitarist/vocalist Dan run off in one direction or another, telling stories of souls lost and various horrors inflicted on the unsuspecting, as much Slayer and S.O.D. as Sleep and Trouble. Their identity as they present it here is what gets carved out of the influences, something as threatening atmospherically as it is outwardly aggressive, “The Eagle” rounding out side A with its brashest vibe yet, dense low end underscoring a barrage of riffs and crash that drives through a metallic apex and into a finale of dizzying turns.

It’s fucking heavy, and I don’t think SET would have it any other way. The plot thickens on side B, though, with the creepy lead guitar on the title-track giving way to a full-on grindout followed by noise rock rumble-and-shout, the band’s command unwavering as they nod at Crowbar‘s sludge en route to the next round of swinging pummel and the Dopefight-style stoner punk of “Apophis,” catchy but less nuanced than “Valley of the Stone” or “Children of the Doomed,” which serves as the apex of the album, Jeff and Dan coming together to add a rush of lead lines to the hook. Since, like “Wolves behind the Sheep,” it’s the penultimate cut on its side, there’s an element of symmetry at work in Valley of the Stone‘s structure as well, but the more satisfying thing is the actual song, which hits the blend of extremity and groove just right and shows what SET are able to do at their best. The closer, “Sacred Moon Cult” is rightly saved for last and is probably the only track that wouldn’t be a comedown after “Children of the Doomed,” but its chorus feels like it’s taking a shortcut to righteousness, as opposed to the frenetic rawness of “Children of the Doomed,” which punches through a wall rather than going around it.

Maybe at that point it’s splitting hairs, but either way, by then SET have shown their ability to cull something individual out of familiar elements, and there’s nothing more one could reasonably ask of their debut than that, though in that regard it’s worth pointing out that the vinyl version of Valley of the Stone, with its two-sided liner and dead-on black-and-white artwork makes for no less accomplishment of presentation. Some bands figure it out late, some bands figure it out early. SET would seem to be in the latter category if the debut is anything to go by, and with a sound so varied, they still have plenty to work from in terms of creative progress without much fear of stagnating anytime soon.”

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Akron, Ohio sludge cretins FISTULA release two new 7″s on Saturday, May 30 2015.

Limited to 500 copies. 100 on Green/Black splattered vinyl and 400 on standard black.
Features artwork by Sinister Illustration (Christopher Parry from DAMAD), center labels by Jann/Skin Coffin and back artwork by Scott Stearns/Wizardfool.
Recorded by Eric Braunschweiger, vinyl mastering/lacquers cut by Dave Eck/Lucky Lacquers.

Wood Glue
Destroy The Handicapped (Fang cover)
This Is Sodom, Not LA
I Love Nothing (GG Allin + ANTiSEEN cover)

This four track EP was recorded during the VERMIN PROLIFICUS session in 2013. The final recording from the ‘Boston’ lineup. Two originals, two punk rock covers. Songs about huffing glue, setting fires and dope-dealing piece of shit rapists. It is loud, it is pissed off… it is anti-fucking-everything… get assaulted by IGNORANT WEAPON.

“What separates Fistula from other similar bands in the genre is their ability to take the dark, dense, muddy, slow but aggressive tempo and suddenly explode into a fierce blast of hardcore-laden, napalm-coated power punk that lifts you off your feet and savagely slams you into the concrete until your bones are nothing more than useless powder before returning to the sticky molasses that is the dark doom of what you thought the song was going to be in the first place. Fistula is not only a band for fans of Sludge, but equally a must-listen for lovers of modern day hardcore and thrash alike.” -cassette culture blog

click here to order from the band (sold through PATAC in the USA)
click here to order from Bad Road (Russia)
click here to order from Let The Bastards Grind (UK)


fistula ladies in leather

2015 Poisoned Mind Records
White vinyl limited to 300 copies

‘Never Trust A Cop’ features Alex Smith from Weymouth noise rockers NIGHTSTICK on bass for the title track. ‘Ladies in Leather’ was originally by SST recording artists OVERKILL LA, this track is dedicated to Felice Lococo and features original art by Maegan Lemay.

click here to order white vinyl direct from the band.
click here to order limited DIE HARD colored vinyl from POISONED MIND RECORDS

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w/ special guests Black Wizard and Against the Grain


21 St Louis MO @ Fubar w/ Black Wizard
22 Lawrence KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Black Wizard
23 Denver CO @ Summit Music Hall – Moon Room w/ Black Wizard
24 Salt Lake City UT @ Urban Lounge w/ Black Wizard
25 Boise ID @ Shredder w/ Black Wizard
26 Seattle WA @ Highline w/ Black Wizard
27 Portland OR @ Dante’s w/ Black Wizard
28 San Francisco CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ Black Wizard
30 Los Osos CA @ Sweet Springs Saloon w/ Black Wizard
31 Los Angeles CA @ Loaded w/ Black Wizard

1 San Diego CA @ Soda Bar w/ Black Wizard
2 Tempe AZ @ Yucca Tap Room w/ Black Wizard
3 Albuquerque NM @ Launchpad
5 Ft Worth TX @ Lola’s
6 San Antonio TX @ Korova
8 Memphis TN @ Hi-Tone
12 Detroit MI @ Corktown w/ Against the Grain
13 Chicago IL @ Redline Tap w/ The Meatmen, Against the Grain
14 Indianapolis IN @ Moon Dig Tavern w/ Against The Grain
15 Columbus OH @ Rumba Cafe w/ Against the Grain
17 New York NY @ Bowery Electric w/ Against the Grain
18 Worcester MA @ Ralph’s Rock Diner w/ Against the Grain
19 York PA @ The Depot w/ Against the Grain
20 Philadelphia PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Against the Grain
21 Charlotte NC @ Tremont Music Hall w/ Antiseen
22 Atlanta GA @ Masquerade

Buy the LIMITED EDITION Vinyl Pressing from PATAC Records!

hookersitsmidnight Continue reading

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"The Hookers – It’s Midnight… The Witching Hour! Vinyl LP OUT NOW!


Order The Hookers –  It’s Midnight… The Witching Hour! on vinyl LP here:

The brand NEW full-length from Kentucky’s raging horror punk metal masters, HOOKERS!

The new album is a blistering onslaught of some of the BEST new horror metal around today, like a mix of SLAYER’s Reign In Blood with THE MISFITS Earth AD! This album is NON-stop brilliance from start to finish! A must for fans of catchy, horror-inspired music that makes you rage like a lunatic! Cover art by wicked horror artist, Josh McAlear!

“THE HOOKERS are back with a raging vengeance… and ready to fuck you up.” -Rue Morgue Magazine (4/5 Skulls)
“Something’s extremely catchy with the new HOOKERS Patac is pimping. Steeped in a cauldron of toxins left by the band’s back catalog and heritage of heaviness, It’s Midnight is the bloodthirsty culmination of these veteran rockers’ sadistic expertise and relentlessly sociopathic punk passions. The album has a real classic feel; joyously morbid and instantaneously anthemic, with the show-stopper bombast of each of these 13 visceral death-knells soaring over carnage-darkened gaff hooks of guitar riffage. Adam Neal on lead shredded larynx, snarls and bellows murderous laments and death threat screeches at the helm of a traditional, careening hard rock horror machine. Satanic balladry and revenged crazed- retching feature prominently, to truly uplifting effect. Heavy gallops stomp home with grim shrieks and fist-shakes in the timeless, dark formula of rock and fucking roll. After a long death march strewn with dead posers, to have the journeyman lay their best at listeners’ feet like this is an act of generosity and greatness. As usual , the ‘bonus track’ is my personal favourite, “Teenage Blood” is the drinking song of Summer 2015 and beyond, and after heavy circulation It’s Midnight… goes with the heaviest of my new records.”
–Robert from SIEGE

“This is probably the best pure punk album I’ve heard in quite some time. It fuckin’ kicks ass and then some. Oh yeah, it’s plenty metal too…and again if you have a problem with that, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya on the way out. The Hookers are an institution for a reason. They know how it’s done, and It’s Midnight…The Witching Hour, goes to show that they are aging like a fine bottle of Absinthe. In fact a few shots of wormwood should go nicely with the listening experience. Killer shit! ” – Hellride Music


It’s Midnight…The Witching Hour is catchy, offensive, glorious horror metal and you need it in your life.” – Crows ‘N Bones



[bandcamp album=3978502567 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]


1. The Devil’s Wedding Night
2. Rape Your Fucking Corpse
3. Warcrimes
4. Endless Slaughterhouse
5. Violent Love Reaction
6. Blood On Satan’s Blade
7. Kneel Before Me
8. Bad Man
9. Stoned To Death
10. The Devil Rides Tonight
11. Shadows Run Black
12. Tonight Was Made For Killing
13. Teenage Blood

• Includes a bonus folded poster of the album artwork and 5”x5” sticker of the album cover
• Limited edition of 885 copies (45 copies on GREEN vinyl, 840 copies on BLACK vinyl)


WHOLESALE ORDERS, please contact Independent Label Distribution:


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"Blood Farmers – Headless Eyes VINYL LP – Now Available

Unquestionably one of 2014’s finest doom releases, Blood Farmers‘ long awaited studio return, Headless Eyes, is set to be released tomorrow on vinyl through PATAC Records. Their sophomore outing and first with drummer Tad Leger (ex-Toxic) alongside bassist/vocalist Eli Brown and guitarist Dave Szulkin (also of The Disease Concept), it’s an unpretentious slab of classic-minded horror doom, rife with memorable tracks like its sprawling 10-minute title cut and “Gut Shot,” but immersive, eerily psychedelic and spiraling continually downward.

Since Headless Eyes was 19 years in following-up Blood Farmers‘ self-titled debut, your guess is as good as mine when they might get around to putting out a third one, so all the more reason to note the occasion of the LP coming out. If you haven’t heard it yet — and I’m sure you have, because you’re up on it like that.

Dig in:




Blood Farmers ‘Headless Eyes’ will be hitting stores worldwide 12/09/2014! Be sure to pick up the doom metal masterpiece on vinyl!

150 on Red Vinyl -SOLD OUT-
450 on Black Vinyl


“Who would have thought that the within doom circles well appreciated band Blood Farmers would ever release a follow-up to their ‘Blood Farmers’ debut? Okay, the band had reunited in 2007 and did play live quite frequently, but unfortunately bass player Dr. Phibes passed away in 2010. Vocalist Eli Brown took over bass duty and the band continued with in 2009 on drums Tad Leger. Tad Leger, you say? Yes, the tad Leger of Toxik’s two albums fame. First technical thrash and now doom, that is a different ballpark entirely. In 2011 Blood Farmers even played at the renowned Roadburn festival. But at the time I didn’t expect any new studio work. Pleasantly surprised I was that nineteen years after their debut there is now a follow-up in the guise of ‘Headless Eyes’ in front of me.


But will the band be able to achieve the same level as before? Well, I shouldn’t have worried for a second. What a scorcher of an album ‘Headless Eyes’ turned out to be. Still traditional doom in the vein of Saint Vitus and Internal Void with quite a bit of stoner. Six absolute top songs is what this album contains, be it the title song or the instrumental ‘Night Of the Sorcerers’ which clocks in at over ten minutes or closing cover song ‘The Road Leads To Nowhere’ which is taken from 1972 horror film ‘The Last House On The Left’. All doom diamonds of the purest form. ‘Headless Eyes’ is up to now the doom album of the year for me and I am of the opinion that this album can become a true genre classic. I am as happy as a kid in a sweetshop with the return of Blood Farmers in recorded form.”Limited to 600 copies. 150 copies on opaque red vinyl, 450 copies on black vinyl. All copies include a double-sided ‘grindhouse’ insert and 5″x5″ sticker of the cover art.


Originally formed in 1989, BLOOD FARMERS combine the atmosphere of ’70s horror with heavy doses of psychedelia and doom in the tradition of BLACK SABBATH and SAINT VITUS. The band’s 1995 debut on the legendary Hellhound Records has been cited as an influential underground classic by such bands as ELECTRIC WIZARD and CHURCH OF MISERY.

BLOOD FARMERS‘ current lineup includes Dave Szulkin (guitar), Eli Brown (vocals) and Tad Leger (drums; ex-TOXIK).


“Headless Eyes” track listing:
01. Gut Shot (6:17)
02. Headless Eyes (10:49)
03. The Creeper (4:51)
04. Thousand-Yard Stare (6:34)
05. Night Of The Sorcerers (10:15)
06. The Road Leads To Nowhere (5:59)

-The Obelisk

WHOLESALE ORDERS, please contact Independent Label Distribution:


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