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"Blood Farmers -Headless Eyes Test Pressings: SOLD OUT IN 15 MINUTES





Limited Edition DIY Test-Pressing.
Spray-painted stencil covers.
Hand-stamped center labels and jackets numbered by David Szulkin.
Limited to only 35 copies.

“In an alternate universe of proper 70’s-culture-worship sanity, BLOOD FARMERS ‘Headless Eyes’ title cut woulda been a cult hit. Not TOO big a’one, though; this shit’s edgy and evil even for an imaginary authentirocktopia.

Sabbath are older now. We need new metal in the arenas. Please, Satan, let it be bands like this! Let us reach for and acknowledge new, real royalty here; Dave, Eli and Tad have earned hellish thrones with this demon-u-mental rockument – a restoration of the genre, blood-soaked in vintage horror authenticism, like swampy, resurfacing 16 millimeter suppressed memories of satanic ritual sacrifice.

Oh – and do I even need to even tell ya’s the vinyl is the definitive format? Warm, loud, full, fuckin’…crisp. Beefy lows, unified – 5 out of 5 stars.” (review by Robert from SIEGE).”



Blood Farmers formed in New York City in 1989. Influenced by the downer-rock of Black Sabbath and the psychedelic horror films of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the band released its first demo, “Permanent Brain Damage”, on cassette in 1991. The recording became an underground hit among doom metal fans and established Blood Farmers as a cult band in the genre.

After sharing the stage with like-minded bands such as Saint Vitus, Internal Void and Grief, their second demo tape “Bury the Living, Harvest the Dead” (1994) caught the attention of German metal label Hellhound Records. Hellhound signed the band and released the self- titled “Blood Farmers” album in 1995. Cited as an influential underground classic by bands such as Electric Wizard and Church of Misery, the disc earned raves from Kerrang!, Rock Hard and other magazines…but Hellhound Records went bankrupt a few months after the release, and Blood Farmers disbanded for over a decade.

Interest from Japan’s Leafhound Records led to the CD release of “Permanent Brain Damage” in 2004 and a reunion gig in 2007 headlining the Doom Or Be Doomed festival in Baltimore. In 2008, promoting Leafhound’s reissue of their debut album, Blood Farmers toured Japan headlining over Church of Misery, Ogre and Eternal Elysium. Interest in Blood Farmers had grown through the years since the band dissolved, and these shows were packed with excited Japanese fans.

In 2009, drummer Tad Leger joined the group and they started brewing up new material. In 2011, Blood Farmers were invited to play at the Roadburn Festival as well as the Hammer of Doom Festival in Germany. During their first European tour, the band shared the stage with legends like Pentagram and Electric Wizard.

Upon their return they began tracking their new album, “Headless Eyes”. Released in March 2014 on the band’s Resurrection Productions label, “Headless Eyes” is both a doom-filled follow-up to their two previous efforts and an expansion into new territory. The album has been lauded by fans around the world, many feeling that the new material is
Blood Farmers’ best to date.

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"BLOWFLY announces ’2014 Summer Sextacular’ US/CANADA Tour Dates

  BLOWFLY 2014 Summer Sextacular US/Canadian Tour Friday, July 25 - Churchill’s Pub Miami Friday, August 1 – Bar Amon , San Jose CRThursday, August 7, Metro Gallery BaltimoreFriday, August 8, The Grand Victory BrooklynSaturday, August 9 – Gunner’s Run, Philadelphia (FREE SHOW!) Sunday, August 10 – … Continue reading

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"RAJOITUS – RATSTAB split 7″ Vinyl EP

Coming Summer 2014…   Rajoitus/Ratstab split 7” (PATAC Records/Reality is a Cult/ Riotous Outburst Records). Gone are the days when one side of a split got the wear…our extreme music scene(s) continue to explode with fucking awesome bands, and here are two on what has briskly become a sought after slab of duel-heaviness….Rajoitus is some killer classicist Britishesque politicore, speeding things up from there with 5 cuts of fist-shake and slam- inducing fast punk, pushing under vocalist Jani’s croaks of sincerity and outrage.  ‘Maailma on Kaunis’  opens anthemic, ass-kicking to 110 mph…the band gets right to it with a head-smacking attack beyond verse-chorus-verse. Providence Rhode Island’s Ratstab spew hard on the obnoxiously noisy pummeling side of things with gut-churn adorned, larynx-stripping hatred from singer Scott, atop the band’s sickly excellent skull-bouncing hardcorebulence.  Abrasive buildups to grand shrieks from rhythmic walls burning with feedback.  Already receiving heavy airplay in my personal rotation. (review by Robert from SIEGE.)

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"SIEGE -Lost Session ’91 7″ Vinyl EP -OUT NOW-



Purchase the LIMITED EDITION Gold Vinyl with Patch.

Purchase standard pressing limited to 1000.

Long believed to be lost… the infamous unreleased SIEGE recording. While going through the archives of WEYMOUTH ROCK PRODUCTIONS, a cassette was discovered labeled “SIEGE Quincy Session w/ Seth.” Presented are four demo cuts that were meant to be the follow up to the legendary DROP DEAD cassette and CLEANSE THE BACTERIA compilation tracks. The original masters were damaged and completely unsalvageable.

Painstakingly restored by Lucky Lacquers, this 7″ is limited to 1000 copies.

1st Press:

150 on Gold Vinyl with bonus Woven Patch

100 on Gold/Black Vinyl

750 on traditional Black Vinyl



SIEGE Lost Session ’91 is exclusively distributed by Independent Label Distribution Continue reading

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"BLOWFLY ‘Black In The Sack’ LP -Now Shipping


Order BLOWFLY Black in the Sack on limited vinyl LP!


The master of dirty soul, the ‘Porno Freak’ himself, BLOWFLY is back with his weirdest album yet ‘Black In The Sack’! At 74, BLOWFLY (Clarence Reid) has not missed a beat with his raunchy parodies and funky originals. Clarence has been touring the USA and abroad regularly since his last album in 2006 ‘Punk Rock Party’ and starred in a documentary celebrating his career entitled ‘The Weird World Of Blowfly.’

BLOWFLY reworks songs from Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, AC/DC, Brook Benton, Gap Band and even Black Sabbath, giving them the sleazy red-light treatment than only BLOWFLY can give.

Weirdo guests on this album include punk rock legends TESCO VEE and THE MEATMEN as well as sludge titans FISTULA and David Szulkin from BLOOD FARMERS/Grindhouse Releasing.

Pack the rubbers and lube because there is no party like a BLOWFLY party!!!

1st Press:
100 on Yellow Vinyl
400 on Black Vinyl


1. Oh, Ben
2. AM/FM
3. The Sound
4. Dirty Chicken
5. Black In The Sack
6. Spermy Night (Slight Return)
7. Girlies In The Morning
8. Dick Stabbath

[bandcamp album=749742244 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande]

BLOWFLY Black in the Sack is distributed exclusively by Independent Label Listribution.




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"RAWHIDE ‘Murder One’ LP OUT NOW! Available on Vinyl/Digital


Swedish death punk ‘n’ roll rebels, RAWHIDE, are pleased to spew forth, Murder One, their first proper full-length, via PATAC Records.

Spawned over a decade ago by guitarist/vocalist Robert and Captain Twofinger, RAWHIDEtips its pints to the teachings of Motörhead, Turbonegro, Gluecifer and GG Allin. Following three self-financed demos, 2008’s Plenty Ain’t Enough compilation, and two 7”s — the Built To Blow and the Branded For Life, which Exclaim! fittingly baptized “a grinding assault of barreling punk rock ‘n’ roll injected with enough malicious metal to ensure there’s even more danger, intensity and cacophony than one would typically expect” — RAWHIDE is ready to release the proverbial hounds with the filth-ridden sounds of Murder One.

Comments the band in a collective belch: “God created this beautiful world in six days and it took us bastards only one record to destroy it all on our way to ruin.”

Recorded in 2012 at Sunlight Studios together with producer legend Tomas Skogsberg (Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Entombed etc.), Murder One embraces the band’s adulation of classic punk, rock, sleaze and all things deviant with ten tracks of earnest, bar brawling bedlam made of blood, guts, beer and tainted ladies. Murder One will be released via PATAC Records digitally and in wax format in a limited run of 350 (100 red/250 black). For ordering info, point your browser HERE.

You can also sample the ruckus, with four tracks now streaming at the PATAC Records BandCamp page at THIS LOCATION.


Murder One Track Listing: 
01. City Kids
02. Damage Done
03. My Final Hell
04. Habit To Support
05. On The Attack
06. Cut You Down
07. Sanitarium Blues
08. Out For Kick
09. Seal The Deal
10. Branded For Life

Boozebags And Troublemakers To Blame:
Rambling Rob (Bestial Mockery) – Vocals, Guitar
Captain Twofinger – Bass
Little Mike (Protector)- Guitar, Backing Vocals
El Wocko (Bestial Mockery, Kill) – Drums

RAWHIDE on Facebook


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